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      Sadržaj proteina i sastav aminokiselina u semenu hlebne pšenice (Triticum aestivum L.) [1]
      Sadržaj vitamina C, likopena i antioksidativna aktivnost hibrida paradajza [1]
      Salinity tolerance screening of wheat germplasm grown on solonetz [1]
      Savremeni pristup oplemenjivanju sorti paprike (Capsicum annuum L.) [1]
      Scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccidae) on fruit trees in Serbia [1]
      Seed dormancy in breding lines of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) [1]
      Seed proteins as genetic markers in the study of phylogenetic relations in pepper [1]
      Seed yield and seed yield components in melon genotypes with the different sex forms [1]
      Seed yield of lettuce in different sowing periods [1]
      Seeds harwesting and processing waste management: compost pile dimension [1]
      Selection of industrial pea varieties at the Institute for Vegetable Crops Smederevska Palanka [1]
      Selekcioni parametri za poboljšanje prinosa crnog luka gajenog po principima organske proizvodnje [1]
      Sensitivity of some pepper genotypes to bacterial spot causal agent [1]
      Sensitivity quick screening of wheat genotypes to water stress [1]
      Sesquiterpene lactones content in lettuce cultivars affected by microbiological fertilisers and seasons [1]
      Shoot and root dry weight in drought exposed tomato populations [1]
      Significance of combining abilities and heterosis for grain yield of maize [1]
      Skrining tolerantnosti na salinitet germplazme pšenice gajene na solonjecu [1]
      Soil-to-Wheat Transfer of Heavy Metals Depending on the Distance from the Industrial Zone [1]
      Solubilizacija neorganskih fosfata endofitim Pseudomonas sp. iz nodula boranije [1]