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      A review of research on the Lemanea genus in Serbia [1]
      Algae in the aquariums of the Center for fishery and biodiversity conservation of inland waters - Aquarium Kragujevac [1]
      Allelic composition of HMW-glutenin protein and their relationship with quality of wheat [1]
      Alternative cereals in Serbia in the system of sustainable agricultural production [1]
      Alternativne žitarice u Srbiji u sistemu održive poljoprivredne proizvodnje [1]
      Analiza i uticaj glavnih makro i mikroekonomskih faktora na rast NPL-a na finansijskim tržištima u razvoju [1]
      Analiza kvaliteta semena PKB sorti ozime pšenice roda 1995-2007. godine [1]
      Analiza prinosa zrna i kvaliteta brašna nekih sorata ozime pšenice u 2011. I 2012. godini [1]
      Analyses of quality of PKB varieties winter wheat seed harvest in 1995-2007. year [1]
      Analysis and impact of main macro and microeconomic factors on the growth of NPLs in the emerging financial markets [1]
      Analysis grain yield and quality of some cultivars of winter wheat in 2011 and in 2012 [1]
      Analysis of genotype by environment interaction for spike traits in winter six-row barley [1]
      Analysis of main additive effects and multiplicative interactions of components of yield of certain wheat genotypes [1]
      Antagnostic effectof different Bacillus subtillis strains on Alternaria solani isolates in vitro [1]
      Antagonistic activity of bacterial isolates against Cercospora beticola in laboratory conditions [1]
      Antagonistička aktivnost bakterijskih izolata roda Bacillus prema Botrytis cinerea [1]
      Antifungal activity of Bacillus sp. against Fusarium graminearum [1]
      Antiviral activity of medicinal plants extracts against foodborne norovirus [1]
      Application of AMMI model in the selection of two-row barley [1]
      Application of artificial intelligence in the breeding of agricultural plants [1]