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      Isolation of Streptomyces species from agricultural and non-agricultural soil [1]
      Supplementary data for article: Gašić K, Kuzmanović N, Ivanović M, Prokić A, Šević M, Obradović A. Complete Genome of the Xanthomonas euvesicatoria Specific Bacteriophage K Phi 1, Its Survival and Potential in Control of Pepper Bacterial Spot. in Frontiers in Microbiology [1]
      Supplementary data for article: Matković Stojšin M, Petrović S, Banjac B, Zečević V, Roljević Nikolić S, Majstorović H, Đorđević R, Knežević D. Assessment of Genotype Stress Tolerance as an Effective Way to Sustain Wheat Production under Salinity Stress Conditions. in Sustainability.14(12):6973.. [1]
      Supplementary data for article: Mickovski Stefanović, V., Roljević Nikolić, S., Matković Stojšin, M., Majstorović, H., Petreš, M., Cvikić, D.,& Racić, G..Soil-to-Wheat Transfer of Heavy Metals Depending on the Distance from the Industrial Zone. in Agronomy, 13(4), 1016. [1]
      Supplementary data for article: Petrović I, Savić S, Gricourt J, Causse M, Jovanović Z, Stikić R. Effect of long-term drought on tomato leaves: the impact on metabolic and antioxidative response. in Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants [1]
      Supplementary data for article: Torbica A, Tomić J, Drasković M, Dodig D, Bosković J, Zečević V. Utilization of Mixolab for assessment of durum wheat quality dependent on climatic factors. in Journal of Cereal Science [1]
      Supplementary data for article: Đurić, N., Poštić, D., Rajičić, V., Branković, G., Cvijanović, G., Đorđević, R.,& Savić, S.. (2022). Production characteristics of miscanthus (Mischantus x giganteus Greef et Deu) under agroecological conditions of Serbia. in Chemistry Proceedings MDPI., 10(82), 1-6. [1]
      Изолација врста Streptomyces из пољопривредног и непољопривредног земљишта [1]