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      Analysis of yield and oil content in rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) in the North-Backa district [1]
      Analysis of yield of spelt wheat (Triricum spelta L.) in organic production [1]
      Autumn and spring application of NPK fertilizers in soybean production [1]
      Biserka аnd Rumenka - domestic high-yield millet varieties as a functional food [1]
      Challenges in tomato growing in organic production [1]
      Correlation of yield component traits in the reproductive phase in cabbage [1]
      Effect of ethephon on heterosis of fruit characteristics of melon [1]
      Effect of seed borne pathogenic fungi on seed germination of selected pepper varieties [1]
      Effective microorganisms in bean production [1]
      Effects of light intensity on yield, compositions and antimicrobial activitiesof essential oils from medical herbs [1]
      Effects of rootstocks on yield and quality of grafted watermelons [1]
      Examination of the effect of osmotic stress in caulifiols in vitro [1]
      Eфективни микроорганизми у производњи пасуља [1]
      Genetic analysis of combining abilities of onion bulb diameter [1]
      Grain yield of novi sad wheat varieties in different agroecological conditions [1]
      Importance of shade nets in vegetable production [1]
      Improving of the business environment in the vegetable sector [1]
      Influence of seed age and processing on quality parameters [1]
      Influence of the year on maize yield in the area of Jablanica district [1]
      Inheritance of productive tillering in wheat hybrids [1]